Sames Corpus Christi Buyer's Guide

When thinking of the purchase of a new vehicle...

When looking at the purchase of a new vehicle it is always a good idea to start with what the vehicle's current availability is as well as what incentives are available. You can do this by simply browsing our inventory page (click here) or our current incentives page (click here).

Things to look for when purchasing a pre-owned vehicle

When looking at  pre-owned vehicle ask your salesperson to provide you with a vehicle history report. This will give you an idea of where the vehicle has been and if the vehicle has been in a major accident. Sites to help you research this information in the comfort of your own home would be This website should give you an idea of whether or not the vehicle you are looking at is right for you.

Buying a new or pre-owned vehicle? Consider this!

Many newer vehicle offer much more advanced safety features that may have not been available on your last purchase. When shopping for your next car or truck consider the following:

  • Does this vehicle have an anti-lock braking system?
  • Does this vehicle offer side airbags?
  • Is vehicle stability control important to have? What is VSC?
  • Does this vehicle have brake assist? What is brake assist?
  • What is electronic brake force distribution?

These are questions that can all be answered by simply clicking the link. (click here).

Want to save time and money with financing?

If you are like many consumers, finding time to go car shopping is not always as easy as it sounds. Once you have selected the vehicle and agreed on figures, the next step is to visit with a financial officer to arrange terms of payment. To save you time we have set up a link on our site that should cut down on your wait time. The majority of our customers choose to have that part of the equation already figured out before arriving by filling out an online credit application. It is designed to cut down the amount of time spent here at the dealership. To learn more or to read about frequently asked questions (click here).