The Advantages of Leasing a Ford vs. Buying in Corpus Christi, TX

Here at Sames Ford we had a discussion about the advantages of leasing a Ford vs buying here in Corpus Christi, TX. What do our customers really want?

At the end of the day we can speculate as much as we want, but there are some factors to consider when choosing which choice is more advantageous. Leasing a car, SUV, or truck in Corpus Christi is awesome if you want to pay less each month for a newer vehicle. 

When you consider how expensive car loans are, leased cars are often cheaper than paying a car loan each month, so one can enjoy all the new features of current vehicles with less debt.

Leasing Coverage

Also, you will be covered by the vehicles factory warranty that will help you pay for repairs. Obliviously, this doesn't include damage you subject the vehicle to during your care. With the benefits comes some drawbacks. If you have bad credit leasing can be difficult, and to get the best offers you need to have excellent credit. Also you'll need to purchase gap insurance for any leased vehicle in case the vehicle is stolen or totaled.

What Do You Do Next?

While the prospect of leasing a Ford vehicle might be intimidating for those worried about credit and insurance costs, several customers value having to pay less each month. Do you have a good credit score and are tired of having to deal with costly car repairs? 

Maybe you need to reconsider this option or simply don't want to deal with another insurance company. Regardless, there are financial advantages if you choose to either lease or buy a Ford vehicle.

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